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Asphalt improvement

Asphalt improvement

Some of the important factors that can cause roads asphalt pavement (surface) damage are mentioned below:

-      The quality and the kind of the material of that area’s ground and the subgrade

-      The weight and the amount of the through traffic on the road surface (the weight and the amount of heavy vehicles against the amount of light vehicles is very important)

-      The climate condition in which the road is located, the number of cold days, the amount of the environment heat, and the most important one, the changes in the temperature in different seasons and during the day.

-      Whether the leadership principles and the required controls (like bitumen quality, the used materials in asphalt, the characteristics of the base layer and sub-base layer, the kind of the grading materials, and the density of the materials) have been done by the contractor and the control system during the building period is very important.

-      The done actions for in-time maintenance and the repairs of the asphalt surface are important for increasing the asphalt service life.

-      The regional topography especially the amount of road slope is also very important in the asphalt surface service life.

-      The crossing of the vehicles that have snow tires or snow chains in the cold seasons and the cold areas is effective in asphalt damaging.

The asphalt surface damage is divided into two categories that contain the superficial damages and fundamental damages.

Superficial damages only contain roads asphalt surfaces issues like bleeding, raveling, chemical reactions in the asphalt bitumen, and inadequacy of the concerned stone material. But the fundamental damages contain the lower layers of asphalt like the base and the sub-base layers and also the lower layers.

Using the asphalt improvement method depends on the damage type so recognizing the type of the asphalt damage is important in repairing and improvement of it.

Repairing and improvement are only considered and used in superficial damages. However, in the fundamental damages, not only the asphalt surface should be repaired, but also the lower layers should be repaired as well.

Technically, the road surface repairment is done for two reasons:

1.    To increase the bearing capacity

2.    To fix the roughnesses, cracks, and transformations of the asphalt surface.

The damage type can contain:

-      Reflection cracking

-      Shear

-      A cracking between two asphalt lanes

-      Shrinkage cracking

-      Shear cracking

-      Alligator cracking

-      Asphalt edge cracking

-      Waves

-      Hollows and wheel traces

-      Local land subsidence

-      Inflation

-      Asphalt bleeding and bitumen leakage

-      Asphalt raveling (when the asphalt particles jump out from their own place)

-      Asphalt pavement polishing

After diagnosing each one of those, their own cure is needed, and repairing each one has its own method which is out of the question here.

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