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Bituminous Products’ Information

  • Natural asphalt

    Natural asphalt

    Natural asphalt is gradually produced and obtained in natural conditions and free space caused by evaporation and transformation of existed crude oil in the nature by passage of long time (million years).

  • What is hot asphalt?

    What is hot asphalt?

    Hot-mix asphalt is a combination of hot tar and graded fine aggregates and filler which is produced and mixed in asphalt factory in a pre-defined specific situation and heat and is carried, distributed, profiled and crushed on surfaces of base and sub-base or layers of concrete.

  • Viscosity Grade (VG) bitumens

    Viscosity Grade (VG) bitumens

    Bitumens are divided into different categories based on the production method, compounds, and physical properties, such as penetration bitumen and PG and viscosity (VB) bitumens. In this section, we will review the Viscosity Grade Bitumens.

  • Bitumen tests

    Bitumen tests

    Some tests are carried out on the bitumen samples among which the following tests could be mentioned:

  • What is Hot Asphalt Recycling?

    What is Hot Asphalt Recycling?

    Hot asphalt recycling implies a set of operations during which the worn-out pavement is first removed from the road surface,